I was born and raised on a small island on the north- western coast of
Norway and this has to a large extent influenced my artwork. As a seasoned
traveller I have observed many different cultures. Much of  my artistic work
is an attempt at expressing the connection between the islands micro-history
and the worlds macro-history.
I was educated as a tapestry weaver. However,I soon started experimenting
with other techniques. My breakthrough came in the late 1980s with Lava, a
series of one-metre-high urns made of cotton and flax pulp. These vessels
mark my transition from textile to fibre art.
I make objects that vary in nature and in the techniques applied: casting,
spraying,cutting, knitting and weaving. I do enjoy the fact that I can
creatively  act as I please, use whatever material I wish, be severe and
meditative one day and playful the next.

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